What We Do

Energy Reviews and Audits


Our first-hand knowledge of the energy business and experience of installing a variety of on-site and off-grid energy generation systems in Australia equips us with the know-how to conduct energy reviews and audits.

System integration and design

Integrated system

Our core skills in science and engineering enable us to meet any challenge in designing and engineering integrated energy systems. We love a challenge and because we are not tied to any specific manufacturers we can tackle any project, with the ability to integrate a number of different technologies into a professionally designed hybrid system. We’ve completed energy projects ranging from household installations to 100+kW installations for commercial clients across Australia.


Research and Development

On-going collaborations with universities in Queensland give our team access to state-of-the-art facilities and expertise. Projects range from innovations in fuel cell technology to process development for hydrogen generation.

Energy Engineering

Hydride storage

Building on the heritage engineering skills of LC Engineering (formerly Leslie Consulting), our team has skills in mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering. Specifically our skills in solar PV and hybrid PV-battery-diesel systems, gas processing, fuel cell systems, software development for data logging and remote monitoring, and project management, are available to clients. We are your one-stop-shop for energy engineering.

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