LC Energy is pleased to be able to supply some unique products that can help make your home or business more energy efficient.

Solaris light

solaris lighting

Solaris LED street lighting - Lighting solutions for streetlights, building lights, sports venues, and retrofitting to existing luminaires

DC Lighting

dc lighting

Commlight - Durable LED lighting solution

Pico - Solar home solution

Solar Pool Pumps

pool pumps

Lorentz solar-powered pool pumps

LC Energy is an official DC Pumping Partner of Lorentz Pumps and can provide a tailored and engineered solution for your specific pool application.


pool pumps

FIAMM sonick batteries FIAMM lead the world in the development of Sodium Nickel molten salt technology used in their range of Zebra batteries.

Solar Log

Solar Log

LC Energy is an exclusive distributor of SolarLog products. The Solar-Log 200 monitors your solar energy production giving you access to view your production and performance levels with ease. LC Energy can provide solar panel performance and inverter data direct to a PC, or broadcasts the data to a dedicated monitoring LC - SOLARLOG WEB INTERFACE

Solar Energy Trailers


LC Energy can supply solar-power trailers for a variety of applications. Examples include providing temporary power for construction sites, for traffic management, for providing wi-fi in remote locations. LC Energy can provide trailers that meet the stringent requirements for power on mine sites.

MineEYE was developed in alliance with HSI. It is a fully ruggedized solar powered camera system; self-contained, transportable and compliant with mine site Wide Area Networks. Safety aspects include a pneumatic mast system requiring little effort to extend to full height for optimal camera coverage. The system can be setup and operational in minutes.

Mero remote energy monitoring system

The monitor is an ‘inline’ system that sits between the power supply and the building to which power is supplied. Typical applications include 24/7 diesel generated power supply to portable buildings on a mine site, remote community, workshops, animal housing etc. Single and 3-phase options are available.

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For the wise home owner our quality Solar systems provide true long-term value.

These systems include SolarLog monitor

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An alliance with Magellan Power enables LC Energy to deliver the best Australian products for the home market

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