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fosera Solar Commlight

fosera Solar Commlight fosera Solar Commlight fosera Solar Commlight
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COMMLIGHT® Can bring light to virtually any place - small streets, walkways, markets, small businesses, parking lots and community places - basically every place where the electric grid is missing or unreliable.

COMMLIGHT® provides an innovative light technology, that is highly reliable, independent, and robust.

High Efficiency LED Lights

High efficiency LED lights are combined with our innovative power management system to create a lean system design.

Long lasting LiFePO4

To store the maximum amount of energy for the longest time, COMMLIGHT® is equipped with a robust lithium iron phosphate battery. No maintenance is required.

Integrated solar panel

A crystalline solar panel, with a power guarantee for 20 years, has been integrated into the basic version of the lamp. An additional benefit of it is the better protection from typhoons and hurricanes due to less exposure.

Intelligent micro controller and motion sensor

The intelligent micro controller and motion sensor on the lamp make sure that it turns on and off automatically. The lamp switches into dimmed mode when full light is not needed to save energy.

Additional rail mounted solar panel

For the brighter versions COMMLIGHT-800 and COMMLIGHT-800XL, fosera Lighting offers an additional solar panel with plug and play capability. Due to a built-in mounting rail no additional mounting system is required.

Tough and durable in adverse climatic conditions

The lamp is well equipped to operate even in the most difficult climate; all electronic components are sealed in IP65 waterproof housing, while the lamp head is made of aluminium.

Flexible and easy mounting

Pole independent mounting for quick installation without need for special skills.

Anti-theft protection

The lamp comes with a special mounting tool, which gives protection against theft.

Backed by years of research and testing

COMMLIGHT® has undergone several years of research and rigorous testing at SERIS (Solar Energy Research institute of Singapore) including extensive outdoor endurance testing in tropical climate conditions.

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