Solar for businesses

Solar photovoltaic technology provides a sustainable source of clean energy that can be utilised by power dependant businesses in either a long term lease/rent agreement or owner occupying.

Solar systems lower the grid-load on a building during daylight hours and contribute to reducing power related carbon emissions. A well designed solar system using high-quality, high-efficiency panels and inverters can provide significant savings on your electricity bills.

Generally the second largest expense for most business after staff costs is energy. Savings in energy are of paramount importance as the price of power is continually rising. By investing in a grid-connected solar system, you are fixing a portion of your electricty costs at under $0.05/kWh/25 years with an Internal Rate of Return at 12.5%.

LC Energy has experience in designing, project managing, and installing systems up to 100kW approvals. LC can also negotiate with Energex/Ergon in regards to connection agreements and providing approved limited and zero-export solutions. LC Energy can provide detailed assessments of your businesses operational energy expenditure.

LC Energy is an independent engineering consultancy who prides themselves on research and development drawing on their engineering expertise to only offer a premium suite of products. Whether your motiviation is environmental or economical, a trained LC Energy professional can direct you in implementing an effective and feasible energy management plan.

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