Off-Grid Hybrid Solutions

When considering new power generating options, most households and businesses opt for either onsite grid-connected or an independent off-grid system. There is a third option which in many ways gives the best of both worlds: the convenience of a grid connected system with use of the grid as back-up in the event of equipment failure, and the ability to use the battery to buy and store power from the grid when it is cheapest during the night.


A typical hybrid system uses an array of PV panels feeding DC power to an inverter that generates AC power. A separate battery inverter also controls the charge and discharge of the DC power to and from battery and connects this to the AC bus of the system. A grid interconnect links the AC bus to the local electricity supply network.

LC Energy off-grid systems provide reliable off-grid power for remote homes in Queensland

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LC Energy supplies the first diesel reduction system to a Queensland mine operator - the first in a series of high-quality off-grid power solutions.

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