Off-Grid Battery Storage

Lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries are the conventional technology for providign storage for off-grid energy systems. They are proven technology and relatively inexpensive, but they also have a short lifetime and relatively low depth of discharge in comparison with alternative, newer technologies. LC Energy is using valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries for off-grid residential systems and for some small-scale commercial off-grid systems. There are several suppliers of VRLA batteries that we use, depending on the application.

Sodium Nickel Batteries


LC Energy is signed a Sales Agreement with battery technology specialists FIAMM SPA of Italy in February 2012. FIAMM lead the world in the development of Sodium Nickel molten salt technology used in their range of Zebra batteries. Sodium sulphur batteries and similar molten salt batteries have a long development history from the early years of the last century. The sodium-nickel-chloride battery originated in CSIR South Africa in 1985 and became known as the ZEBRA battery. With improvements to the ceramics (sodium beta alumina) this battery is now produced by FIAMM, an Italian based company that has a global outreach and factories in Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Brazil, India and China. The battery has rapid charging and discharging capacity, 40% less weight than lead/acid batteries, a power density higher than Lithium-ion phosphate cells, high long term storage capability and low environmental impact on a life cycle basis. Lifetimes of over 3500 cycles and 5 years have been demonstrated. On behalf of FIAMM, LC Energy is promoting these battery for solar storage. FIAMM’ Sodium Nickel battery solutions provide us with a great market opportunity in stationary high-power energy storage.

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Batteries designed for energy storage

Energy storage: Industrial Utilities (support for the generation and distribution of energy obtained from traditional and renewable sources).

The availability of electric energy is a determining factor in obtaining an acceptable quality of life level in any community, from metropolitan areas to small communities in developing countries. With the ever increasing diffusion of energy generated from renewable sources, transmission and distribution networks are at risk from conditions that can provoke instability, inefficiency and low quality levels. These problems can be resolved by placing accumulation and energy supply stations in the area which are capable of intervening in real time to compensate for any instability, while guaranteeing maximum reliability and quality.

The FIAMM SoNick sodium battery proves to be particularly suitable for use in these situations and guarantees maximum performance and lifespan irrespective of the operating conditions, from the poles to the equator.

Batteries designed for telecommunications


In today’s world, communications need to reach across the world, even to the most remote and difficult of places. FIAMM SoNick has picked up the challenge of creating innovative and powerful stationary accumulation systems. Fiamm sodium nickel chloride batteries for telecommunications, which rely on SMC TLC technology, are the answer to these needs.

The availability of reserve energy (back-up supply) is essential to ensure continuous service. Thanks to its superior characteristics, the FIAMM SoNick battery has proved to be particularly suitable for integrating the back-up supply with all critical devices where malfunction is intolerable, and it guarantees maximum reliability in the most difficult operating conditions. Fiamm SoNick batteries can improve telecommunications services throughout the world. SMC TLC batteries allow for more efficient operations and their reliability, increased lifespan and the lack of maintenance required will help telecommunications companies to extend a reliable service worldwide. Given that Fiamm SoNick batteries are smaller than traditional solutions, the cell towers will be more compact. This state of the art technology can be extended to mobile phone services and an array of new clients through substituting the generator supplying mobile networks. In locations that have no power, service could be disrupted for hours. Batteries offer the promise of continuous connection which benefits companies and supports essential everyday services. Cell sites can be placed in the most remote areas of the world thanks to their resistance to even the most extreme conditions. And in the most developed nations, FIAMM SoNick is inaugurating a new era of cells that take up less space in city centres. FIAMM SoNick makes the standard technology look costly and obsolete.

SoNick Battery for Telecom 48TL80-nv

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Batteries designed for electric and hybrid vehicles and storage systems

Fiamm Sonick z5 Fiamm Sonick z37

We dream of a world in which we can set out to find benefits and convenience without risking our health or our planet. To move towards this future, mobility must be sustainable. FIAMM SoNick produces sodium nickel batteries for sustainable mobility in the car, truck and bus sector. The demand for these accumulators is increasing every day, led by the institutions and administrations of large and small European cities and American metropolises which are increasingly choosing these accumulators for public transportation. The demand for private electric cars is also increasing at the same rate with an expansion in environmental awareness. A car driven by a salt battery guarantees clean air, energy-saving, 100% recyclability, energy availability in any climate, zero maintenance in any environmental condition, maximum safety, a long life and a substantial reduction in running costs.

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