Stationary Power

LC Energy has access to a wide range of fuel cell technologies and products. We are able to provide guidance on the best solution for your needs, and can design complete packages using best in class technologies from around the world.


We have experience of most types of fuel cell system especially – PEMFC, SOFC, and MCFC – for stand-alone power generation, vehicles and small electronic devices. We have a PEMFC demonstration/test facility at our Goodna offices, and access to the large hydrogen fuel cell facility at Griffith University.

Heliocentris test station

PEM fuel cells

LC can source equipment from companies such as Hydrogenics, Ballard Power Systems, and M-Field, covering a range of applications from a few watts to several kW. We are able to integrate PEMFC stacks into a complete packaged system for the Australian market.

Example PEM fuel cell systems: (left) Heliocentris laboratory-scale PEM fuel cell test system, (below left) M-field backup systems, (below right) M-field 1 kW system.

Mfield backup Mfield 1kW

Stationary power plant

MCFC and SOFC systems

LC Energy has experience of both solid oxide and molten carbonate fuel cell systems. We are able to supply small SOFC systems up to a few kW and larger MCFC systems from companies in the USA. Such systems can be fuelled by natural gas or bio-gases such as from waste water treatment plants.

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre

Fuel Cells at SSGC Hydride Storage

The Sir Samuel Griffith Centre at the Nathan Campus of Griffith University is one of the few grid-independent buildings in the southern hemisphere that uses hydrogen and fuel cell technology to store renewable energy. The fuel cell and electrolyser were specified by LC Energy in collaboration with Aurecon, and LC Energy engineers have been involved in the commissioning of the renewable energy system. This has given us unique working knowledge and experience with hydrogen fuel cell systems in the Australian context.

Seminars and Training

Fuel Cell Systems Explained

LC Energy has run seminars on fuel cell and hydrogen technology for industry. We can tailor-make training courses for your own needs, based on a wealth of teaching materials available through Dr Andrew Dicks, from the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.

A new edition of Dr Dicks’ best-selling textbook is currently in preparation for publication in 2015.

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