Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that produce electricity directly from the chemical energy of a fuel, i.e., without combustion or the use of rotating machinery. Similar in operation to a battery, they do not go flat or need recharging, as long as they are supplied with fuel and oxidant (usually air).

Phone charger Fuel cell schematic

Fuel cell systems are the complete package – the means for converting chemical energy in a fuel (e.g. natural gas) into electricity (d.c. or a.c. power). Systems are under development for a wide range of applications, from powering small electronic devices, such as smart phones, to large utility scale power plant, and as the prime mover for vehicles. Fuel cell vehicles run on hydrogen which has to be generated external to the vehicle.

Hydrogen supply

LC Energy has knowledge of a range of fuel cell systems and applications and can help cut through the hype to bring you a product tailored to your particular needs, whether this is a power system for a house, a factory or data centre.

Contact us to find if your application can make best use of a fuel cell system.

Telecoms power

Hydrogen fuel cell systems are ideally suited for back-up supply of remote telecommunications systems. Several systems are on trial for Telstra in Australia.


The Toyota Mirai car, launched in 2015 - one of a handful of commercial fuel cell vehicles now available.

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